Daily Snack

We will have snack daily.  My procedures for snack makes snack time go smoothly and ensures all children have a snack.  Please send in pre packaged snacks.  I do have a refrigerator, so feel free to send in fruit, applesauce, gogurts, and cheese sticks.  Some ideas for other pre packaged snacks are:  Goldfish, Cheez its, granola bars, fruit snacks, and animal crackers.  Please refrain from sending in cookies and chips.  Snack time will be a working time and just enough to hold your little ones over between lunch and dismissal.  If our class has food allergies, I will update snack ideas.  It would be nice to have some snacks come in at Meet The Teacher so we can start the year fully stocked.  I will always keep you posted when snacks are running low.  Thank you for helping me with snack time.